About us

Emerging Markets International s.a. (EMI), formerly Cardno Emerging Marketsn Belgium s.a., is a global, integrated professional services consultancy firm which works with bilateral and multilateral donors, private firms and government agencies to improve living standards in developing countries.
Since its establishment in 1998, EMI team has carried out more than 400 EU-funded technical assistance projects and programmes globally and has acquired extensive experience in providing continuous backstopping support to our teams of Experts and Clients. EMI has also worked extensively with other global donors, such as FCDO (DFID), the World Bank, MCC, AfDB, ADB and UN agencies, partner goverments, private clients and communities.
Accross our portfolio, we take pride in delivering ethical and high-quality projects. We invest in building strong local teams and partnerships. Our teams not only have high-quality technical expertise, but also a deep understanding and respect for the communities with which they work. Our local partnerships bring diverse skills and help us foster leadership. In this way, we ensure our donor partners deliver aid programmes effectively.
At EMI, we promote an innovative sustainable and participatory approach to change. Our methodologies emphasize developing long-term, high impact solutions for the management of available resources and the capacity building of every stakeholder's know-how.
EMI's international development team comprises a range of specialists who plan, design, manage and implement sustainable projects. Additionally, our international development team routinely draws on expertise from our colleagues specialising in environmental, climate change and energy services - creating a unique, multifaceted offer to clients and programmes.
Together, we form a strong multidisciplinary team with a wealth of knowledge, expertise and passion to improve the physical, economic and social environments that underpin communities around the world.


Our Vision
We contribute to build values-driven, high-standard and transparent partnerships to meet global and local development needs. We support countries to overcome long-term development challenges in the achievement of international commitments and objectives towards a more sustainable future.


Our Values


•     Integrity

We take decisions and actions in an open manner, ensuring that information and scrutiny remain at the core. We are bound by a strict ethical code, with a commitment to operate with fairness and probity in all circumstances. Over the years, we have built up on the trust of our partners, who know they can rely on us.


•     Excellence

We are committed to delivering high quality services with due consideration given to the quality of the work produced and its lasting impact.We strive to meet and exceed the expectations of our clients and project beneficiaries through timely delivery, top-notch services and innovation. We support sustainability for long-term benefits for the economy, the society and the environment.


•     People

We care about people. At EMI, we empower communities by promoting equality, inclusivity, and non-discrimination always through a human-centered approach with a focus on creating a positive impact. Our decisions and actions hinge on the context and values of the local communities we work with. We indefectibly consult with our Clients, project beneficiaries and partners, keeping their best interests at heart.


Our Story